Strategy & Consulting

Don't Know Where To Start? Say Hello To Our Experts

As we love to put in our best in satisfying our customers, from our vast knowledge and experience in online business strategy we provide consulting services to our clients in the following Areas.

Domain and Hosting Consulting

SQT Web Solutions offers an excellent domain and hosting consulting services to enable our clients to make the right decisions right from the start. Our domain consulting service will assist you to do a thorough assessment and analysis to customize a domain name that will suit your brand.

"Using the right keywords for your Domain name can make your website accessible via Search Engines".

Our domain and hosting experts help you to choose and operate a domain name, how to build a website to appeal to your target audience, the importance of ongoing maintenance, website costs, how best to host your website and many more.

Online Business Consulting

There are hundreds of thousands of businesses currently operating online and thousands of businesses are still created online each week, the reason is that corporates and individuals are becoming aware of the overwhelming potential on the internet and want to be part of it.

With all these similar and related businesses online, how do you take your business online, reach your target customers and BE NOTICED! That's where we come in.

It is one thing to have a website online but what is really important is not just having a website but having a SUCCESSFUL WEBSITE. Therefore, we will help you to discover exactly what you need to become successful on the internet.

Website Planning

For all our web projects we carry out deep research and proper planning before starting the designing and development phase of the project. This has helped us to minimize errors and delivering excellent customer satisfaction. We carry out Website Planning in 3 major phases:

  • Discover (Full understanding of project details)
  • Plan ( development of Operations strategy for carrying out the project)
  • Visualize (We visualize how the project will look when completed)

We will help you by following the above process and create your first website specification document.

Online Marketing Strategy

SQT Web Solutions provides online marketing strategies which are custom-made to serve the unique needs of our clients. Although each client comes with varied set of requirements and challenges we still maintain our online marketing goal of providing solid online presence for all customers.

We constantly update our strategies and conduct regular research on the best way to help you maintain strong, positive internet presence. This can put one step ahead of your competitors.