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SQT Web Solutions refers to and this is sometimes referred to as "the website" in the contents of this policy

1) General:

At SQT Web Solutions, we respect our clients and your privacy. In this policy we will describe how we collect and use the personal information you (Our Customers and visitors) provide on our website: because we want you to use our website service with full confidence that all private information provided on SQT Web Solutions website is safe and secured. SQT Web Solutions requests that you go through the content of the privacy statement carefully and in case of any doubt, you can send us an email or chat with our customer service representative through the website chat system.

2) Acceptance:

By using you are accepting this privacy policy practices and agreeing to comply with its standards. For inquiry on this privacy policy please contact us at Without prior notice, we may update this privacy statement to reflect changes to our policy, please always check back once in a while to be updated.

3) Data Collection

  • Visitors – when you visit, you will receive cookies which help to track your navigation through our website. The information collected includes the browser details, referral URL, IP address, device type.
  • Customers – when visitors register to any of SQT Web Solutions services they become referred to as customers. During the time of registration the following information is collected; Client Name, contact details, billing address, credit card and other related payment details ( Note: payment details are not saved with us but the secured payment gateway company)

4) Website and Information Usage

  • SQT Web Solutions persistently ensure that our website is as user friendly as possible and equipped with the latest technology to make the website interactive and easily accessible for our visitors and customers. We have integrated some social and interactive applications to our websites such as Chatting system and social applications which can may also collect personal details including but not limited to name, IP address and contact details
  • Some of the information provided by our customers and website visitors might be used by SQT Web Solutions with their explicit consent and permission, to make it easier for you to take advantage of our offers and services. We only use these information for the permitted period of time.
  • The browsing information collection from our users is only used to make advancement/ improvements to the performance of our website and services
  • The personal information provided by our customers are used in maintaining database of our customers and in contacting our customers for maintenance activities or service delivery.

5) Billing Information

  • A. If you sign up for any of our paid services and ready to make payment through our secured online payment system integrated on the website, we will ask for your billing information along with some personal details required to process the transaction.
  • We do not store the collected billing information, this will be safely discarded immediately after the transaction. The necessary billing information will be stored by the payment gateway company in their highly secured payment gateway for the specified amount of time required to renew your subscription.
  • We may retain the last 4 digits of your credit card number, and credit card type, to make it easier for you to identify the card to be used for future transactions or subscription renewal. Your billing information will be removed by the payment gateway company if your subscription get cancelled for any reason.

6) Information Sharing

  • SQT Web Solutions partners with a lot of trusted organizations for certain supporting operations such as SSL, business development, marketing services etc. in order to operate effectively with these partners a certain amount of customer's information is shared with our partners.
  • According to our Domain name providers, "Domain name registrant data is required, by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers) policy and applicable law, to be complete and correct. This information is published in a publicly searchable database (WHOIS). Certain TLDs (Top Level Domains) allow the utilization of a Privacy Service to obscure personal information while still complying with applicable laws."

7) Mailings

  • On becoming a member/ customer of SQT Web Solutions you agree to receive notifications through mail, regarding your account including but not limited to, renewal/expiry notifications and billing notifications. You be given the option to deactivate the notifications from your member account but it's not advisable to do so as you might lose track of your renewals.
  • Once in a while you will be receiving mails with our seasonal greetings and promotional offers. You can opt out from this feature within your member account.

8) Contact Us

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us at