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There is a saying, ´WHEN PURPOSE IS NOT KNOWN, ABUSE IS INEVITABLE´. Understanding the reason why you want a mobile app is actually the first step the first step. When one understands what they are pursuing,you can get a clearer picture on how you want that to be.

ASK YOURSELF FEW QUESTIONS:  Why do i need this?, What will i achieve at the end?, What possible problem can it solve? What do i gain at the long run?

Getting answers to this questions will help you have in your head the exact thing that you want.

THINK ON PAPER: Many times, people make mistakes of not thinking on paper. We might have a mind blowing ideas in our head but the moment we do not have them on something (paper,slate,computer,laptops etc), it keeps wearing off and before we know what is happening BOOM!!!!! we cant get a hold of them anymore. They just become thoughts that we had without implementation. When you sketch,you lay foundation for your future interface. Having this will help your team have an understanding of your plan. MAKE IT BOLD SO THAT ALL WHO SEE IT CAN RUN WITH IT

GATHER RELATED INFORMATION: The essence of this stage is to be able to get hold on something good. Your idea may be good but when you gather information from the research you make, answers from those who are already using the app, advice from others etc. You get to know how you can make a good design for the app, the technical requirement needed, how you can market to your target audience to achieve your main goal which is basically the main reason why you need the app. Learn from the key features and mistakes of your competitors and then drop the other information that are not necessary. The most important consideration aside the feasibility of the app and getting the attention of your target audience,one needs  to find out how to generate money which is the end product. Will you charge your user to download it or will you offer the app for free but run ads on it?

LOCATE AN EXPERT: When you must have gathered all information and have a picture of what you want your mobile app to look like, the next step is getting an expert who will help in bringing your picture to reality. Share those information with him and when the result comes out, you get all that you want and you are satisfied.



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